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Face 55F

1|2|3 GANG Frames

10024F|10044F|10064F -S100

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Universal Horizontal or Vertical

Lighting Switches


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Kema/NF/FIMKO/NEMKO/SEMKO/CCC/BS Wiring indicator. LED indicator option Wireless Z-wave iModule option Screwless connection option

Socket Outlets


Socket with LED night light


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KEMA/NF Child protection Screwless connection option

USB Dual socket


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CE Charge iPad and iPhone same time LED night light option

Motor Switch


Control motor-driven shutters, roller blinds and awnings.



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CE No noise No fluction RC+LED for all brands of dimmable LED lamp

Data/Multimedia outlet

14xxF-S100 Telphone

15xxF-S100 TV FM SAT

16xxF-S100 Data RJ45

17xxF-S100 HDMI VGA

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Surface zRoom


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Touch zHouse



  • Face Single 2-way switch
  • Face USB charging Socket with LED-White
    Face USB charging Socket with LED-White,55mm panel
  • Face Double Switch with 55mm Panel-Silver
    Face Double Switch with 55mm Panel
  • Face Glass Shutter Switch with up/donw/stop,White glass frame
  • Face Double 2-way Switch with 55mm Panel-White
    Face Double 2-way Switch with 55mm Panel
  • Face Shutter Switch with up/down
    Face Shutter Switch with up/down
  • Face Shucko Socket with LED-White
  • Face doorbell switch, 55mm Panel-sliver
  • zHouseshutter-1373R-94F
  • Face Glass RC+LED two way Rotary Dimmer ,white glass frame
    RC+LED Dimmer 13552 No humming noise Technology of transistors and IC Prefectly harmonize with Philips LED lamps Use only a fifth of the energy of conventional lamps, but produce the same results as the conventional incandescent lamps Uni